Mood Food Company | Snack Foods Formulated For Mental Wellbeing

Here at The Mood Food Company™ we proudly stand as Australia's leading functional snack food brand.

Using credible scientific research, we make delicious snacks formulated to support mood, sleep and overall health & wellbeing.

As an Australian owned and operated family-run business, our story started back in 2020 in our own home.

During COVID-19 we found ourselves researching diets, and speaking to experts, about foods that were scientifically proven to help brain function in both adults and children. After many attempts to formulate different recipes ourselves, we enlisted the help of food scientists who helped us turn our vision into a reality. 

Our journey is just starting, and we're here to show that snacking can be both healthy and delicious, while also functional.


‘Token healthy’ is not our style, which is why we have a genuine commitment to not just removing the bad stuff, but also putting the goodness back in. Our food is all about natural formulations, using the best quality ingredients with the highest nutritional and nootropic profiles.


Our products adhere to Australia’s Health Star Rating system which reviews the nutritional profile of packaged foods. The more stars, the healthier the choice – which is why the majority of our products have a 5-star health rating.


We recognise the importance of efficacy in every snack we make, which is why we use credible scientific knowledge and research to make snacks that are both tasty and functional.


We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring our unique and fragile environment is protected. We are committed to always doing the best we can right now, while continuing to work towards new solutions that allow us to be more sustainable.