Feed hungry

What if food didn't just nourish your body, but also nourished your brain?

That’s what The Mood Food Company™ is all about.

Inspired by science, we formulate snack foods designed to help give your brain a little boost.

We call it food for thought.


Yummy, healthy kids snacks! So good to have a lunchbox friendly option which is low on sugar. You can see the goodness in these bars, literally. We love the packaging too. 😍

-Facebook Review

My fussy eater loves these bars and I love that it’s something healthy that we can grab and go, chuck in a lunch box AND maybe even prevent a meltdown? What a winner.

- Facebook Review

Finally a healthy snack for kids - that's actually healthy. We bought all three flavours, and all three are amazing.

- Facebook Review

Finally a functional and healthy snack for my kids. They love these, especially the strawberry 🍓. These will be a daily addition to their school lunch boxes for sure. Well played Mood Food 👌💪🙏

- Facebook Review

These are just fabulous. I have finally found something the kids like and also good for them. Mood Food, you need serious congratulations for this! good luck on the journey!

- Facebook Review
Mood Food Company | Snack Foods Formulated For Mental Wellbeing

Like many parents, in 2020 Stuart Smyth found himself getting deeply involved in his children's education.

After a few short weeks of homeschooling his seven and nine-year-old boys, it became abundantly clear... the teacher was not the problem!

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